What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is similar to washing but without little on no water is used, hence the term "dry." Dry cleaning is a method of removing stains and dirt from clothes and fabric.
A few things cause garment to shrinkage in size, heat, mechanical action, and moisture. Removing moisture from the cleaning process and replacing it with a liquid that contains no water, garments like your wool pants can now be safely cleaned without shrinkage. Other materials like wool & silk generally have to be dry cleaned to maintain its original state. 

Why is Dry cleaning so important?

 There are many reasons to send your garments to a professional dry cleaners, one of the most important reason is to prolong the life of your garments and fabrics while keeping them looking their best. There is nothing better than a fresh dry clean from a dry cleaners. Its as if you have bought the clothes new!

How long will take to dry clean my items?

 We deliver next working day and if there are delicate items or large items such as curtains and rugs it may take slightly longer but we will inform customer before hand.

How much do you charge for Delivery and Collection?

 We don't charge for Delivery and collection over £20. Choose your selected slots and have the items collected and delivered.

Which locations and areas do you cover?

We offer a free collection and delivery in the following areas- Central London, Fulham, Streatham, Balham, Battersea, Clapham, Tooting, Wandsworth. We are unable to guarantee specific delivery times but are happy to try to work with customers’ schedules. If you have any timing requirements please lets us know and we’ll do our best to help out. We may sometimes need an extra day for repairs and large household items such as duvets or curtains. We offer one free collection and one free delivery per order.

I have special request? What Should I do?

You can discuss them by calling our office on 020 7386 8545 - 0790 1234 200 or talk to one of our drivers who are all experts in dry cleaning and laundry. Or you can email us at info@bluemoondrycleaners.co.uk.

Do I need to separate my items? 

Its best to separate the items into groups of categories i.e dry clean, wash & press, wash and fold and press only.


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